Join Me In Documenting The Tasty, Sad, Sweet Endings Of Things

I was walking around late yesterday afternoon, thinking along to myself about the kinds of things I was in the mood to write about, and it struck me that I was going to forget before I got home to write it all down, because that's what happens, doesn't it?

So, I whipped out my iPhone and recorded my thinking-aloud-while-walking, and I ended up inviting us all to share our stories of the tasty, sad, sweet endings of things:

It being fall, it just seems right to curl up with a cup of coffee and savour the last bits of things, and not to mourn them, really, but to let the flavour of them sink in.

There are no rules here. Write three sentences, several paragraphs, or a poem. Post a photograph or a drawing or a collage. Post a vlog. Share something you created three years ago.

While I go and write about my tasty-sad-sweet-endings-of-things story, how about you go and write/photograph/draw/vlog/knit yours, and then we can all virtually meet back here by linking to our stories through the SimplyLinked widget below:

The Tasty, Sad, Sweet Endings Of Things

I can't wait to see your tasty-sad-sweet-endings-of-things pieces. I imagine that they'll be mighty, um, tasty.

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