Shuffling Around A Trapezoid

Today, I was trying really hard to work on a design contract. I measured, I figured out calculations, I pulled out my design inspiration bookmarks and scoured the internet, I closed my eyes and imagined, and then I put together a trapezoid.


It's fine as trapezoids go. It follows the trapezoidal convention of being quadrilateral with two parallel sides. It's no slouch, really.

If all I wanted to do today was create a trapezoid, I would be all thrilly mcfancypants right now. That's not all I wanted, though, and I'm not all thrilly mcfancypants.

Instead, I'm planning on stuffing myself full of buttery potatoes and various leftovers and getting lost in bad, low-rent cable television for a couple of hours.

Not all creative projects can come easily. It's not all floodgates and a-has.

Sometimes, I feel like I'm working with some exquisite force that's crawled into my brain behind my eyes and is playing my fingers like a divine puppetmaster. At other times, I feel like the last kid still stuck using the safety scissors who is trying to saw her way through some cheap construction paper without teeth.

Maybe my potatoes will be inspired.


PS.  My Phoneography is a daily occurrence.

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