It's Almost As If A TV Guide Circa 1989 Could Now Be More Accurately Described As A Catalogue Of Cultural Antiquities

Early-20s #1: This guy told me that he hates those snowflake sweaters like the one you're wearing.

Early-20s #2: What?! How can you hate this sweater?

Schmutzie: I was there. He wasn't talking about your snowflake sweater. It's in earth tones. He was talking about those Huxtable sweaters. The heavily patterned ones with the bright crayon colours.

Early-20s #1 and Early-20s stared at me blankly.

Schmutzie: Huxtable sweaters. You know. The Huxtables? Theo Huxtable and Rudy and Vanessa and Denise? The Cosby Show? And they all wore these brightly-coloured, overly-patterned sweaters?

Early-20s #1 and Early-20s #2 continued to stare at me blankly.

Schmutzie: You don't know what I'm talking about, do you?

Early-20s #2: No. Not at all.

Schmutzie: You don't know who the Huxtables are?

Early-20s #2: Nope.

Schmutzie: For real?

Early-20s #2: Yep.

Schmutzie: Huh. Well, I'll just go over here and be really old, then.

HOLY CRAP. There are people in their twenties now who cannot necessarily be expected to know who the Huxtables are. Damn whippersnappers.

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