I Made Stuff. Let Me Show You It.

I'm sitting in a hotel room in New York City decompressing after the completely insane but quite loving assault that was the BlogHer '10 conference, and by decompressing I mean convalescing with the flu in front of a television while cuddling with my laptop, oh my sweet laptop, with whom I was unable to commune during the conference. My laptop would not recognize the Hilton's wi-fi no matter how much massaging and cooing I did.

But now I have internet! Because we changed hotels! And it's so exciting! Because I have things to brag about!

Just before and then during the conference, all this design stuff I've been working on came to fruition, and I wanted to show it all off to you, because, damn, I like to make stuff and then show it all off to you, and being unable to share all this stuff I've been making just about did me in, so allow me to point and exclaim Look what I made! for a minute. Just call me Braggy McBraggerston of the Braggerville McBraggerston's.

First, here is the Palinode's business card, which I created especially for his attendance at the BlogHer'10:

Aidan's business card - front

Spanky, no?

And here is JenB's new masthead for Jennui, which went live in July. Combines and fleur de lis for the win!

masthead for Jennui.com

Jess, formerly of Drowning In Kids, now of Hope Bomb, showed me her finished website for the first time during the conference, and I am so pleased with how Dawn worked her craftiness around my masthead design. I love the simplicity of the template she created:

Hope Bomb

The next design is the one I was exploding to tell everyone about the most but couldn't. It was made public the day I left for the conference, but I was stuck on a series of planes all day, so I just kept turning to the Palinode and telling him about it. He didn't try to shove my head into an overhead baggage compartment or anything, even when I pulled out my iPhone and made him look at it again for the eleventy-billionth time. This is how I know that we were meant to be together.

This is my first ever book cover design, and I can't wait to hold it in its physical version. I think that I'll have to get two copies so that I'll have one I can fawn over and squeeze and make out with and pet and call George.

design for Adam P. Knave's "I Slept With Your Imaginary Friend"

Oh my god. I feel like I've just gotten a huge weight off my chest. Oh, no, wait. That's the flu medication kicking in. I love Dayquil long time.

I work through Sweet Blog Design, so check us out if you've got a project that needs doing!

Now I am going to make an attempt at remaining upright in the shower and then traipsing around New York while high on whatever flu meds the nearby pharmacy has to offer me. If you see a Schmutzie regaling a street light with stories of Sparklecorn and cheeseburgers, just set her arights and point her north.

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