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Me at BlogHer.com – How to Write (Better): 12 Steps for Writing a How-To Article

Check out my latest at BlogHer.com, "How to Write (Better): 12 Steps for Writing a How-To Article":
Writing a good how-to article is harder than most people think. I know this, because most of the how-to articles I come across on the internet are down-right terrible. They often assume a level of expertise that the reader does not possess or neglect to mention entire steps that would get the reader from step three to step four without causing them to rip out handfuls of hair. My how-tos, though, are quite fantastic, and I am here to tell you how to do it, so that when you decide to share your knowledge with the world, you can do it better than everyone else.
Drunkenness Is Temporary Suicide*

Drunkenness Is Temporary Suicide*

Grace in Small Things: Sunday Edition #30