BlogHer '10, Day One: We Came

On Thursday, August 5, we left our cozy little abode in Regina, Saskatchewan for New York. We had a BlogHer '10 conference to attend.

Aidan on the plane

I couldn't believe that I had nearly 2500 friends to meet in the Hilton that night, so I kept turning to the Palinode and saying I'm so excited! and then wiggling in my seat, because my excitement exhibits itself like five-year-old who has to pee. Between that and my constant re-declaration I designed a book cover!, I'm really surprised that I didn't get jambed down an airplane toilet.

And when I saw my hometown fall away below the plane, I heaved a sigh and said We're going to New York! and What time do we get there again? and Do you think people will like me there? Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.

Leaving Regina

Yeah, well, the excitement of heading to New York was tempered not long afterwards by Chicago's O'Hare airport.

Chicago's O'Hare airport

The flight attendants had no customs forms for us to fill out ahead of time on the airplane, so we were delayed filling them out in the airport, which meant that we ended up getting stuck behind a hundred people entering the U.S. to go to an Indian wedding, which meant that it took over an hour-and-a-half to get through customs, which meant that we missed our connecting flight, which meant that we had to wait another two hours to catch the next flight, which lead to us taxi-ing out to the tarmac, where we were then told we still couldn't take off, and then they powered down the engines and fed us ice water that tasted like old milk while we patiently sweat out our time packed into a tiny tube of a plane for a while longer.

This is starting to sound like those parts of the Bible when everyone is begat-ing everyone. I apologize.

At any rate, we did finally land in Newark, New Jersey where we took a shuttle to the Hilton in New York, and our hearts and minds were set aright first by Angella D's friendly face and then by Bossy's late night cleavage.

Bossy's cleavage

There is nothing wrong with Bossy's cleavage.

Goon Squad Sarah, Greeblemonkey's Husband, and Lauriewrites

Then, we lucked into some face time with Goon Squad Sarah, Greeblemonkey's husband, and Lauriewrites – pictured above – and Greeblemonkey and Mammaloves – pictured below.

Mammaloves and Greeblemonkey

And then we stumbled to our rooms after the bar made it clear that we should do so by refusing to sell us more alcohol and taking away the little electric candles and looking at us like we were really irritating. Luckily, it only takes us astute bloggers several pokes with cattle prods to figure out that it is time to go to bed.

And then we collapsed in our room, because that's what happens after flight delays and pints of beer and the kindness of other bloggers.

And, scene.

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