Surprise Date Night

Yesterday was one of those days when you and your life partner — in my case that's the Palinode — meet up after work and stumble into such a thoroughly enjoyable series of events that you stop and think So, this is what life is about.

Sicilian Kisses all 'round

Of course, a round of shots (called Sicilian Kisses) helped.

Mostly, it was just fun watching people run around in the sun together. This ad hoc group of people got together to figure out how to get a boomerang out of a tree.

the frisbee's! in the tree!

I missed getting a picture of the herd of longboarders that all pulled up in cars, set up on the street, and spent some time coasting around slowly. The more proficient of them showed the newbies how to stay upright.

It was like a really slow and boring flashmob.

ears aglow

I made the Palinode stop with his head in front of the sun, because the ShakeItPhoto iPhone app I use ad nauseum seems to handle every kind of light from bright sunlight to dimly lit rooms. Now I know that it can tackle intense backlight fairly well.

It looks like my love of ShakeItPhoto is not leaving anytime soon.

Here is a shot where I am pretending that we're tourists.

supper at the Wa-sun

The Wa-Sun has been around Regina in that old, converted house for decades. It serves up the the kind of north americanized asian food I remember eating in small towns as a kid, and every time I've gone in there the clientele turns out to be from small towns. I think they filter in from the nearby hospital.

the Wa-Sun's front yard

Sometime over the last week or two, there was this woman talking to the Palinode. When she spoke, she leaned in and touched his arm with her fingertips.

Palinode at the Wa-Sun

I was surprised at how that slight flirtation made me want to tear her arm out of its socket. I was never a terribly jealous person until I married the Palinode.

Now it takes almost nothing for me to feel like my eyes are on fire and I'm growing special head-severing claws just for the occasion. I keep it under control, though. Most people would be surprised at my monster within.

She will eat your face.

Palinode at the Wa-Sun

Hands off, bitch.

Palinode at the Wa-Sun

The fortune cookie fortunes below read as follows:
You will soon receive and usual [sic] gift freely given. Accept!
Be prepared to receive something special within the week.


I overheard a table of other patrons discussing the eating of their fortunes. Apparently, if you don’t eat them, and I mean the actual strip of paper, your fortune might not come true.

Has anyone ever heard of this before? Were the other customers on drugs? Do you eat your fortunes? Do I have to eat my own fortune, or can I have someone else eat it in my stead?

Palinode pays for dinner

And then it was time to head home.

random lost shoe

What is it with random lost shoes? Invariably, on the weekend in cities around the world, there individual shoes abandoned in the streets. Who doesn't notice that they just stepped out of their own shoe?

Personally, I like to imagine horrible abduction scenarios that involve old vans with darkened windows and people so skilled at stealing other people that they can whip you right out of your shoe.

Onion haz a belly

It has been really hot and humid here, and we don't have an air conditioner, so, aside from a large floor fan, we are helpless against the heat. It's not uncommon to find our cats sprawled about on the floor trying to expose the greater part of themselves to the air. I've learned not to try to help them out and blow on their bellies, though, unless I want a powerful kick to the eye.

This picture was followed by me crawling into bed, because, although I had been a really good sport about being alive in public, I was (and am) slowly dying of a summer cold that is working its way up to what feels like muscle death and soul thievery. Also, my gums swell and bleed when I have a cold.

You needed to know that.
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