The Belated Tale of The Palinode's Birthday

The Palinode's birthday was on Friday, which we kicked off with a sushi lunch with Saviabella, which was good, because it's been too many ages since we've seen her.

On the way to meet them at Sake, I found this set of keys hanging on a nail on this tree. I had this strong urge to grab them and try them on every car and house on the street, because it kind of looked like an invitation to do that, but then I realized that the nail in the tree was probably not specifically meant to hold that set of keys out in public like that and that maybe someone had found the keys lying on the sidewalk and had just hung them on the first available nail so their owner could find them.

Yay, logic! It keeps me from accidentally committing crimes like home invasion and car theft.

keys hanging on a tree

Don't bother going to Sake where we had lunch, by the way. I ate bits of five or six different things, and the only thing I could finish was the miso soup. The fish tasted fishy, the beef teriyaki tasted day-old, and, although we ordered off the all-you-can-eat menu, they told us that we had to order quickly, because the kitchen was closing. It was only 2 p.m. I spent over $20 and left hungry.

Here's the Palinode enjoying the edible miso soup:

Aidan at lunch at Sake

Later, the Palinode and I gathered a few of our friends together and went to The Creek in Cathedral Bistro, which completely made up for Sake's lacklustre comestibles.

birthday wine

Although, I have to point out that their beverage menu was BIZARRE.

the Creek Bistro needs an editor, stat

The menu offered "guinguiness", "johjjjjohnny walker black", "csssschivas regal", and "dsfvtaylor fladgate twenty year tawny". Typos like "fresh grounc coffee" were the least of the menu's problems, though. The first heading at the top of the menu? It read: "non alcholic beverage".

This is a pretty high end restaurant for Regina, so it seems strange that no one had access to spell check when they made up the beverage menu. I'm thinking that they were taste-testing the beverages at the time. And still are. How can you not notice that?

PLEASE TO BE SPELLING "ALCOHOLIC" CORRECTLY ON YOUR BEVERAGE MENU. I nearly got out my red pen. Yes, I carry a red pen in my purse.

sidewalk note

If you need more fibre, the sidewalk has it. Good to know.

Oh, holy crap. I totally lost track of the fact that this was all about the Palinode's birthday. This is what happens when you delay writing a post about something for a few days.

Aside from the excellent meal at The Creek, I gave him the PS3 game Red Dead Redemption, which he has been heavily immersed in for the last three days, and five high end teas that were worth the arm I had to hand over to pay for them.

And now the Palinode is very old, and I even wrote him a poem related to that fact. You should go wish him well in his decrepitude over on twitter or at his weblog, and remember to speak VERY LOUDLY so he can hear you.

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