10 Things I Will and Will Not Be Doing Before Going to the BlogHer '10 Conference In New York City

I will not be:
  1. Losing weight.
  2. Purchasing a new set of outfits so that I can dress in any way other than my usual style.
  3. Whitening my teeth.
  4. Sucking up to famous bloggers so that they will notice me at the conference.
  5. Reading other people's how-to posts about the conference.

I will be:
  1. Re-igniting the spark between me and my Nikon D60, which I have allowed to sit dormant for far too long.
  2. Updating my collection of iPhone apps to reflect ones that I will actually practically use while at the conference.
  3. Breaking in my new conference shoes, because new conference shoes have become my lucky penny.
  4. Eating whatever the hell I please, because that's the way I roll in August.
  5. Cleaning my apartment so that our catsitter doesn't figure out how messy I really am.

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