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True Fact: I Am NOT A Fetus Thief, Despite What Some Might Say

I attended the Our Body exhibit at the Science Centre on Saturday, June 19th. Aside from the fact that I spent over two hours touring an exhibit of dead people and their various dismembered parts, it was a pretty innocuous event, or so I thought, until a couple of nights ago when a friend of mine leaned over and said the following:

"So I heard you stole a fetus."

"Huh?" I said.

"I heard you stole a fetus from the exhibit at the Science Centre."

"I took a picture of the fetus from the Our Body exhibit," I said. "It's on my phone. I'll show it to you."

And then I showed it to him:


And then he apologized for having questioned my integrity, as well he should have, and I truly appreciated it, because it is insulting to know that anyone I know would think I would steal a fetus, living or dead.

If you've ever been the focus of a spreading rumour, especially one that is so ridiculous, you will know how it is at once so laughable and yet so infuriating. I mean, REALLY. Like stealing fetuses from science exhibits is how I would decide to while away a Saturday afternoon.

Although I initially laughed it off, that someone I know has perpetuated this ridiculous bit of misinformation by telling other people I know has caused me to become increasingly annoyed, so I went back to my weblog entry about going to the Our Body exhibit to see if I might have written something that made it sound like I stole a fetus from it. I found this:
Then we went into the Our Body exhibit with all the dead humans impregnated with polymers. We were instructed to turn off our cellphones and not to take pictures, but I'm all badass and took this one of a three-week-old foetus.
I think that it's pretty clear that I took a photo of the three-week-old fetus and not the actual three-week-old fetus, and I think that it is also pretty clear that someone with poor reading comprehension skills gathered the wrong takeaway from my entry.

Just in case the rumour's originator is reading this in that same less-than-careful fashion, I will draw their attention to the next two sentences with all-caps and boldfacing and a larger font size and yellow freaking highlighting:


Got it? Good. And also? Shut up.

Have any of you ever been accused of being a fetus thief? Let's entertain each other with ridiculous rumours.

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