Grace in Small Things Is All Shiny and New!

Since I started the Grace in Small Things social network back in 2008, I initially used one of Ning's pre-designed templates. Then, I created what I have generally thought of as one of my most hideous and ill-conceived designs to date, and I have allowed GiST to wallow in that murky water for far too long.

New ideas were percolating in my head, though, and they finally descended upon my brain and out through my fingertips and onto the internet.


Grace in Small Things redesigned

My little social network is all shiny and new!


PS. Grace in Small Things is not at all about only being happy happy all the time happy happy joy joy. We are not saccharine and Martha-Stewarty. We worry and grieve and complain just like regular human beings, only as human beings who also recognize that there's some good stuff around that we sometimes need to remind ourselves to take a look at.

PPS. Although, I do put up videos of cute puppies and crap sometimes, because CUTE! I don't apologize for that. Cute is happy-making and softens the hardest of hearts.

PPPS. Anyway, you should come join us, because, like I said, we're not like those scary, placid-faced people featured in 1970s and 80s religious cults, and we also have almost no rules, so you can stretch out and relax and do things how you like to do them, except that you have to be kind to people and not try to sell us porn. Be Kind and Stay Clean are two pretty easy rules to follow.

PPPPS. No. Seriously. We'd love to have you. And I mean that in the most sincere, not creepy way possible.

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