25 Things I Am Longing For

  1. popcorn popped in a hot air popper and then topped with too much butter
  2. the feeling of cool sand pressing up against my feet where the water has left the shore
  3. to hold that strange baby again that I met only once but felt so connected to
  4. a feeling of deep connection with the world around me
  5. to learn not only to listen to my heart but also to follow when it shows me the way
  6. to make peace with my childhood
  7. a long, heavy nap that leaves me feeling refreshed
  8. an extended trip
  9. an unexpected act of kindness
  10. my summer cold to just go away already my god how long can this shit go on
  11. a sunny bathroom to have a bath in
  12. dreams that don't make me feel restless
  13. to clarify my resolve to go through our entire apartment and clear it of clutter
  14. a balanced approach to life and work
  15. to feel again old friendships that have ebbed away with time
  16. strong, hot coffee with honey and a touch of cream
  17. a clear complexion
  18. miniature Christmas oranges the size of large berries
  19. a rush of excitement as I embark on a new adventure
  20. the sound of thick cotton sheets when a strong shake of the wrists makes them snap outside
  21. enough change to do all my laundry
  22. a fat, chocolate-covered donut filled with venetian creme
  23. free and easy laughter with people I love
  24. the book I have simmering away in the back of my brain to come forward and make itself known
  25. the smell of a northern forest just before it starts to rain

This entry was inspired by Jen Lemen's "What I Long For".

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