An iPhone App, Singing Mice, Polymer Impregnation, Satanists, And An Irritating Cat

I found this pretty stupid app yesterday. It's called I Am Awesome, and it will insert the word or name of your choosing into quite a few different images, like this:

outer space says hello to me

I made it look like someone from outer space said hello to me. I am so easily pleased.

Anyway, today I had a date with That Girl to go to the Saskatchewan Science Centre's Our Body: The Universe Within exhibit, so I put on clothes. They prefer that you wear clothes to the Science Centre.

going to the Science Centre

If you ever go to the Science Center and enter through the doors that lead to the IMAX theatre, don't let the guy selling tickets tell you that his directions to anything not directly IMAX related are easy. He said stuff about going up some stairs and a doorway and some exhibits we'd pass and a big staircase and some corners to turn down, and we ended up going up a staircase and through two doorways and turning back and going down the staircase and then back up the staircase and through a gaggle of kids dicking around with interactive exhibits and then up a large staircase and around a corner and through a giant ear and around another exhibit and down a staircase and through the gaggle of kids again and down another large staircase where we ran into a display of singing dead mice, and then we found ourselves at the other end of the building where a kindly staff person turned us around to point us at the Our Body: The Universe Within exhibit, which was good, because I was ready to just take pictures of That Girl in the giant ear and call it a day at that point.

The singing dead mice we came across were an art installation that was created in honour of the discovery of DNA. It consisted of tens of tiny taxidermied mice all in a row with electric candles, and they sang the most out-of-tune and poorly recorded rendition of Happy Birthday I've ever come across. We liked it so much that we made them sing it two or three times.

taxidermied mice singing Happy Birthday to DNA at the Science Centre

Then we went into the Our Body exhibit with all the dead humans impregnated with polymers. We were instructed to turn off our cellphones and not to take pictures, but I'm all badass and took this one of a three-week-old foetus.


I blame That Girl for my deviancy. She drove me to it.

Shanan drives a car

Do you see what I did there? I'm hilarious.

I really wish I could show you more, but I felt like a kid on a school field trip who was trying to avoid the helper moms, and after spending $20 to look at dead people impregnated with polymers, I did not want to get kicked out of the exhibit. Also, it's weird to find yourself trying to shoot covert pictures over your shoulder of a skeleton draped in his own vascular system.

At least I wasn't alone in my regression, though. That Girl was making jokes about the gallbladder being the testicle of the liver. (If you've ever seen a plastinated liver with the gallbladder attached, it really does look distinctly testicular.)

Afterwards, we had a couple of drinks and veggie burgers in the sun. This was etched into the table under my plate. Any ideas about what it means?

ack! satanists!

I had this idea that it must be Satanists. I don't really believe that it was Satanists, but there was a lot of foofera about Satanists and their nasty ways when I was a kid. They apparently sacrificed cats and babies and used telltale evil symbols and made music with mind-altering backwards messages in them. A friend I had in high school had a cassette tape her mother had given her of some preacher going on and on about the evils of rock music, and there were a lot of examples of songs played backward to reveal messages about how fun it was to smoke marijuana. Sometimes I still like to pretend to get all chest-clutchy and think Heaven forfend! when I see symbols I don't know the meaning of, because Ack! There be Satanists! Won't anyone think of the children!


And now I'm just babbling because it's the middle of the night and I can't sleep and it's hot and there's this damn cat Lula who won't stop poking through my messy pile of clothes and looking at me really close.

Lula poking around in all my stuff and keeping me awake


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