This Weblog's Made For Castrating

This picture has nothing to do with this post.
I just like how her arm looks detached and gigantic.

Schmutzie: Remember that guy we used to know who told you that my writing on the internet emasculated you?

Palinode: Yeah. He said something about my letting you write on the internet.

Schmutzie: Letting me?

Palinode: Yeah. I let you keep your weblog.

Schmutzie: Well, thank you for allowing me the privilege.

Palinode: You're welcome.

Schmutzie: What a jerk that guy was. So, do I emasculate you with my weblog writing?

Palinode: What?

Schmutzie: Does anything I write strip you of your manhood?

Palinode: No.

Schmutzie: So, my writing doesn't turn you into a eunuch?

Palinode: No.

Schmutzie: Really?

Palinode: Well, no, except for that one time.

Schmutzie: Sorry about that.

Palinode: [chuckling] Let me put it this way. You don't so much "emasculate" me as you "completely remove my balls".

Schmutzie: Well, if that's all I'm doing, then...

Palinode: Exactly. What do I need with balls?

Schmutzie: Exactly! As long as you can still urinate on your own, I think we're doing fine.

Five Star Friday Edition #104 Is Brought to You By Jeffrey A. Carver

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