The Cats Are Having Sex Again, Or At Least Something Like It

The cats are having sex again, or at least something like it. We have two males and a female, and both the males are neutered, so they do little more than rut up against her back when she's feeling frisky. They all seem quite pleased afterward, and the activity does seem to keep Lula's heats fairly even keel, but I do wish that they wouldn't do it on the end of the bed when I am trying to get some sleep.

Breaking up cat orgies is annoying.


I decided to write this while waiting for sleep to come to me after breaking up said cat orgie. My computer was all the way in the living room, so I decided to give posting from my iPhone a whirl.

I feel like somebody's techno-illiterate grandma hunched around this device in the dark while the Palinode sleeps. I am unfamiliar with my Squarespace app and keep muttering psychicly about these darn virtual buttons and my non-tech-savvy thumbs. I am also worried that none of my paragraph breaks will render properly if I don't take the time to code them.

None of this would be plaguing me if the cats weren't knocking boots on my feet in the middle of the night.


Sometimes I type a word like "savvy", and I wonder if there are any other words with double Vs in them and make a mental note to check on that later. I almost never do. My mental notes are purely ornamental.

Are there any other words that contain double Vs? Is there a place where you can search for this sort of thing?


I love you right now. With implied big, sloppy kisses. This is likely due to my being overtired in combination with some melatonin and a hefty antihistamine.

Romping cat sex shenanigans or not, I think this Schmutzie's going to turn in before I turn into one of those crazy drunk type people who acts like the entire universe's meaning can be summed up by looking you as deeply in the eyes as their swaying will allow and saying "I love you man. No, iss true. I huh-relly do."

I mean, I huh-relly do, but I don't wanna cheapen what we have, ya know?


Here's hoping that this thing works and that I didn't just waste my precious 3 a.m. insomnia working cramps into my clumsy thumbs.

iPhone out.

I Guess This Will Be About The Same Thing As The Last One, Only With Less Cat Sex

Five Star Friday's Edition #101