Five Star Friday's Edition #98

It is rarely that you see an American writer who is not hopelessly sane.
     — Margaret Anderson
This Five Star Friday roundup is brought to you by racism, mental illness, the unfair dislike of a child, a would-be mother, child prostitution, grief, losses, a renaissance festival, an Easter egg hunt, prejudice, more grief, mommyblog infighting, personal truth, an über-cute puppy, a realization, the state of a body, breastfeeding, Facebook, wanting to find The One, surprise intimacy, fatherhood, friends, love, a virtual science fair, social media, and motherhood.

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Happy Friday!

"The Power Of Rich White Folk And Why Gandhi Was Only Half Right" from Miss Britt:
Change happens when we become the change we want to see in the world, and then say to the rest of the world “Enough. No more.”
"Scared and Crazy" from Spin Me I Pulsate

"This Day Has Got to Be a Joke" from Poppy Mom

"A Letter to My Spirit Children" from Flutter:
I am sorry this life will pass without us seeing our love come to fruition. I feel that I am leaving you in safekeeping. I just wish the hands that guide you in this life would be mine.

But I am not strong enough.
"Hi. It's Me." from The Bloggess

"Welcome to For Your Tears" from For Your Tears

"Losing" from What Matters:
I missed, oddly, babies in my belly for the first weeks after each was born. They seemed safer there. I miss places I've moved from, people that used to be in my life. The memories are foggy, though. There is no muscle memory that can replicate my grandfather's giant hand - with leathery back, crooked strong fingers, and calloused palms; the smell of the ocean after hours at the end of a hot day; the first voices of each of my children.
"I Offer You My Hand In Marriage and a Pair of Boots: A Living Out Loud Entry" from An Acorn Dreaming

"For My Madeline" from The Spohrs Are Multiplying...

"Jesus Is Risen. Let the Games Begin." from Steam Me Up, Kid:
The egg hunt is the ultimate in sibling war. Sometimes I'll go the psyche-out route and show up wearing a crown and a Superman cape carrying a boombox blasting "Eye of the Tiger". Other years there is covert bag sabotage, and one of us will just follow the other around, picking up their dropped eggs. If all else fails, I pretend to vomit in the bushes. That always rattles him.
"Surf Photography of the 1960s and 70s" from Raymi the Minx

"Privileged Posting" from Stop Motion Verbosity

"Men Kill Their Weak; Women Kill Their Strong" from I Am Doing the Best I Can:
I know that I, and many other Women Bloggers, will never stop speaking our truths. Including those on motherhood and the many other stages of women's lives. When those other women are done raging against our uppity, ungrateful, selfish ways ( which again, means to me : "I wish I had the cojones to do/say what you are doing/saying") I am happy to welcome them into the fold.

Forgiveness through empathy trumps pooping on peeps any day.
"When Does Your Body Not Feel Like Your Own?" from Occipital Hazard

"When It Comes to Breastfeeding, We Can’t Handle the Truth" from The Feminist Breeder

"Injury" from Slouching Past 40:
I thought about the way I'd patted my mother in the emergency room. It was the same way I patted my favorite baby doll when I wanted her to go to sleep. I understood that I'd learned some profound things that afternoon; it felt like the beginning of my education. Reading, writing, they suddenly seemed as pale as my mother had turned under those bright hospital lights.
"On the Question of The One" from Mommy Is Moody

"Reach" from

"Not a Care In the World" from The Eleventh:
With the advent of Facebook, I find I am so bombarded with your need to share every facet of your daily life and decisions, that I am numb to your needs, desires, hopes, dreams and fears. In short, I no longer give a rat’s ass about what you think, who you love, where you shop or how you live.
"Driven to Distraction" from Not Undecided

"Team WhyMommy's Virtual Science Fair" from Stimeyland

"An Orange Kangaroo In Denmark" from B. Hockey J.:
I’ve been looking forward to this DC trip because one of my secret fantasies is about Jackson not talking. But now that he’s gone, I want him to know that, yes, I was thinking about an orange kangaroo in Denmark and I want to say “Dude. I love rooming with you, even if you are a racist.” Sometimes, you forget to think about your arms until one of them gets chopped off to go crash cymbals for Barack Obama.
"The Name's Chamberlain. Oliver Chamberlain." from The Creative Junkie

"What We Can Do to Stop Child Prostitution in the United States" by Kim Pearson at BlogHer

"A Hundred Beating Hearts" from Cry It Out:
We were on the couch, watching some G-rated affair that, like all movies, eventually proved too scary for her. But in those first magical moments when light sparkled on the screen and our faces were stuffed with popcorn, Emme suddenly jumped up and grabbed my cheeks with both hands.

"I have a hundred hearts," she whispered. And her eyes burned like fire.
"Getting In Touch" from The Fence

"My Heart" from But Why Mommy

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