My Face and the iPhone's CameraBag App

I am putting up 25 pictures of my face in order to show you what the iPhone's CameraBag app can do.

I took the original photo using my iPhone's ShakeItPhoto app, although you can take the original using CameraBag if you want to. I chose to take the original with ShakeItPhoto because it creates a Polaroid-esque edge around each image, which further highlights how each of CameraBag's twelve photo filters, with and without the borders option, affects the edges of your photos. The borders option does not affect every CameraBag photo filter, but I am showing both images in every case so that you could see the outcomes.

Here is a ShakeItPhoto image of my face without makeup and unretouched:

Schmutzie, iPhone, ShakeItPhoto

Showing you my naked face terrifies me, but I am doing it anyway, because I need to get over my insane insecurity about the state of my skin.

ShakeItPhoto, CameraBag/Helga filter/borders on and off:

Schmutzie, iPhone, ShakeItPhoto, CameraBag/Helga/borders on
Schmutzie, iPhone, ShakeItPhoto, CameraBag/Helga/borders off

My 37-year-old skin has large pores, uneven texture, brown patches, minor wrinkling, and is in some constant state of breakout. This is due, in part, to the fact that I treat it like crap. I rarely wash it before bed, I have never had a proper facial, and I usually use a bar of soap on it out of laziness.

ShakeItPhoto, CameraBag/Colorcross filter/borders on and off:

Schmutzie, iPhone, ShakeItPhoto, CameraBag/Colorcross/borders on
Schmutzie, iPhone, ShakeItPhoto, CameraBag/Colorcross/borders off

I probably just horrified some of you. I need help.

ShakeItPhoto, CameraBag/Lolo filter/borders on and off:

Schmutzie, iPhone, ShakeItPhoto, CameraBag/Lolo/borders on
Schmutzie, iPhone, ShakeItPhoto, CameraBag/Lolo/borders off

I've been out in the world. I've seen other people's faces. Am I really more afflicted with every type of skin aberration than everyone else I see? Was 35 the impetus for my genetics to kickstart the inevitable slide of my face into my neck?

ShakeItPhoto, CameraBag/Magazine filter/borders on and off:

Schmutzie, iPhone, ShakeItPhoto, CameraBag/Magazine/borders on
Schmutzie, iPhone, ShakeItPhoto, CameraBag/Magazine/borders off

I sometimes do that thing that no one should ever do where I study my face three inches away from the mirror. No one ever looks at me that closely, but it somehow seems very important that I study each pore and become intimate with each flaw.

ShakeItPhoto, CameraBag/Instant filter/borders on and off:

Schmutzie, iPhone, ShakeItPhoto, CameraBag/Instant/borders on
Schmutzie, iPhone, ShakeItPhoto, CameraBag/Instant/borders off

I have scars on my cheeks from when I incurred nasty acid burns as a child. I found a bottle of Drano above the sink and poured it all over my face. I look better than the doctors thought I would, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm not crazy about the scars, especially since their pitted appearance has become more pronounced with age.

ShakeItPhoto, CameraBag/Silver filter/borders on and off:

Schmutzie, iPhone, ShakeItPhoto, CameraBag/Silver/borders on
Schmutzie, iPhone, ShakeItPhoto, CameraBag/Silver/borders off

I still won't keep Drano in the house.

ShakeItPhoto, CameraBag/Mono filter/borders on and off:

Schmutzie, iPhone, ShakeItPhoto, CameraBag/Mono/borders on
Schmutzie, iPhone, ShakeItPhoto, CameraBag/Mono/borders off

All the ads on television that shill creams and spackle for skin imperfections have my number. It doesn't help that I have every single imperfection they list while they show me footage of a 20-something claiming that she's 50.

I never buy the products, though, because I don't want to get stuck with a bottle of something that does nothing and leaves me feeling defeated.

ShakeItPhoto, CameraBag/1962 filter/borders on and off:

Schmutzie, iPhone, ShakeItPhoto, CameraBag/1962/borders on
Schmutzie, iPhone, ShakeItPhoto, CameraBag/1962/borders off

What I do use in an effort to keep my skin from getting worse is L'Oréal's Ombrelle SPF 45 face cream. It moisturizes without being too greasy and helps to keep my brown patches from darkening into unfortunate shapes like the mustache-esque smear across my upper lip that tries to show up every summer.

It is very attractive.

So is the rectangle on my forehead that is the exact shape of medium-sized band-aid, complete with rounded corners.

ShakeItPhoto, CameraBag/1974 filter/borders on and off:

Schmutzie, iPhone, ShakeItPhoto, CameraBag/1974/borders on
Schmutzie, iPhone, ShakeItPhoto, CameraBag/1974/borders off

I also use a vitamin E oil under my eyes at night. It seems to help keep me from looking tired.

ShakeItPhoto, CameraBag/Cinema filter/borders on and off:

Schmutzie, iPhone, ShakeItPhoto, CameraBag/Cinema/borders on
Schmutzie, iPhone, ShakeItPhoto, CameraBag/Cinema/borders off

So, I ask you: what do you do to keep your skin in good condition? I NEED YOUR HELP. OBVIOUSLY.

ShakeItPhoto, CameraBag/Infrared filter/borders on and off:

Schmutzie, iPhone, ShakeItPhoto, CameraBag/Infrared/borders on
Schmutzie, iPhone, ShakeItPhoto, CameraBag/Infrared/borders off

Please tell me about your skin care regimen.

What products do you use?

Do you make your own skin care potions at home?

How often do you get or give yourself facials?

How do you take care of your skin imperfections?

What skin care secrets have kept you aglow?

What advice did your mothers and grandmothers pass down to you?

Tell me how the daughter of two people who each had only one zit in their entire lives could be cursed with such acne-prone skin since she was eight years old?

ShakeItPhoto, CameraBag/Fisheye filter/borders on and off:

Schmutzie, iPhone, ShakeItPhoto, CameraBag/Fisheye/borders on
Schmutzie, iPhone, ShakeItPhoto, CameraBag/Fisheye/borders off

Oh, yes, and that concludes my showcase of CameraBag's photo filters both with and without the borders option.

Cha cha cha.


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