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Definitely Cooler Than You

That Girl, the Palinode, and I went out to see Jason Collett, Zeus, and the Bahamas last night at the Exchange. The front entry was packed with hipsters, so we stood outside in the surprisingly no longer deadly cold night air.

Jason Collett, Zeus, and the Bahamas
Those hipster kids looked warm. (photo: ShakeItPhoto iPhone app, and then Noir look in Mill Colour)

A girl with skulls on her socks put pink bands on our wrists, which is the universal sign at all-ages shows that you get to drink beer, so we did, and then the show started.

Jason Collett
Jason Collett (photo: Hipstamatic iPhone app with a Jimmy lens and Float film)

I was having one of those days in which everything overwhelmed my senses. Sometimes, every sound and movement feels like unwanted touch, and it is impossible to move through the day without feeling completely molested, so I busied myself with finding a lens and film combination in my Hipstamatic iPhone app that would take bright pictures in the dark. It saved me from punching people until I calmed down.

Jason Collett, Zeus, and the Bahamas
Jason Collett and some Zeus

I sacrificed clarity for feel in these images.

Jason Collett, Zeus, and the Bahamas

I spend a surprising amount of time watching musicians' feet when they're on stage. It's like I'm waiting for them all to kiss me or something.

Jason Collett, Zeus, and the Bahamas

Once the music started, I was so overwhelmed with one sense, that all the others fell away. I was free to just feel the drums thrum up from the stage through my thigh and beat through my throat.

Jason Collett, Zeus, and the Bahamas

This Bahamas guy looked like he'd just crawled off a John Deere tractor after smoking a bunch of weed. I could have listened to him all night. I did.

Jason Collett, Zeus, and the Bahamas

Photo of the bathroom? Check.

That Girl at Jason Collett, Zeus, and the Bahamas
That Girl

Photo of That Girl in the bathroom? Check.

Jason Collett, Zeus, and the Bahamas

I spent most of the night grinning like an idiot at the stage, which was a good thing, because there was this hipster/scenester/I'm-wearing-a-bad-vester grooving next to me who made a point of showing his irritation with anything that wasn't completely absorbed in the Jason Collett, Zeus, and the Bahamas vibe. His awareness of everything that was not all about the music made me think that maybe he wasn't as all about it as he thought he was.

I really shouldn't criticize hipster/scenester/I'm-wearing-a-bad-vester kids. I'm crusty and long in the tooth.

Jason Collett, Zeus, and the Bahamas

I think if I go to more shows, I might get my sense of humour back.

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