What Was Old Is New Again! And Almost Exactly the Same! Except Totally Different!

I originally had an entire entry right here about why I moved over to Squarespace from Blogger as my new weblog platform last night, and how now my eyeballs are shrivelled husks, but I still really want to tongue-kiss Squarespace, even though I am new to Squarespace and accidentally deleted that very detailed post, brilliant thing that it was.

Basically, I stayed up until four in the morning configuring the template and migrating stuff here and making sure the feed would stay the same and learning how to do absolutely everything from scratch and cursing Blogger for never being supportive of me at all after Squarespace answered a post-midnight help ticket in LESS THAN HALF AN HOUR. Man, this place kicks ass.

Suffice it to say, Schmutzie.com is now hosted on Squarespace, and I like it. Let me know if anything seems funky, and I will de-funkify it for you. Please and thank you!

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