The Headache, The Fuzz-Meister, And Some Olympic Mittens

I was all busy sitting here having a headache, and then I thought Why am I still here having this headache when I've already had this headache for three weeks?, so then I thought, Maybe I should go to the chiropractor, since this is totally from that stupid spine of mine and the stupid way that it connects with my head these days, but then I realized that we Schmutzies avoid doctors, so I decided to stop having my headache. Just like that.

I'll let you know how that works out when anything at all changes as a result of my decision.

Then, I decided to do some laundry while I waited for my no-headache decision to kick in, and I took a basket of laundry down into the basement of our apartment building, where I encountered the tiniest, cutest little fuzz-meister this side of the equator, only the fuzz-meister, who was once an alive mouse, was now a dead mouse, and he was under my foot, so I thought I should call the landlords to let them know about this dead mouse, and then I remembered that weasel from under my bathroom floor that the landlords put poison out for, and I thought They probably know about this mouse thing already, and then I realized that we Schmutzies avoid landlords, so I decided to take my foot off the mouse and throw it in the garbage myself. Yuck.

I'll let you know how that ongoing mouse/weasel situation pans out.

And for no real reason whatsoever, here are some Canadians sporting Olympic mittens after we won the gold for hockey:

Nick and Kyleah

We Schmutzies definitely do not avoid Canadians, being that that would put us in a terrible downward spiral of self-loathing. We have enough trouble as it is, what with the headaches and the fuzz-meisters.

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