Ah, Nerdly Bliss

I've made some changes to where I put some of the things I do on the internet. You might have noticed, or you might not have noticed. You might have cared or not cared while you were noticing or not noticing that I was making changes over here at Schmutzie.com.

I am probably boring you.

Too bad. This is my website, and I am super stoked — STOKED! — about the new digs and what I've done with them.

I already mentioned earlier this month that I had migrated Schmutzie.com over to Squarespace, but I've made even more changes since then. I found out that I liked Squarespace so much that I wanted to migrate three of my other websites over, too. So, Schmutzie.com and The Linkblog and Schmoetry and Five Star Friday, which all used to be hosted over at stinky Blogger for years, are now all housed under the Schmutzie.com umbrella at Squarespace.

If you noticed a shift in the urls of any of my aforementioned websites, this is why.

Squarespace smells like a field of clover and brings you your pipe and slippers after a hard day and bakes delicious cakes and whispers sweet nothings in your ear. It massages your feet and pours you hot baths with flowers floating in them and picks up your drycleaning. It knows exactly how you like your steak and kisses all your boo-boos and never forgets your birthday. Okay, well, it does none of those things, but it feels like it does all of those things.

I had a sharp learning curve to tackle going in, but I have managed to re-establish Schmutzie.com here, bring a few of my small fleet of other websites in, and keep all of my entries and RSS feeds and comments. It's almost like I never left Blogger, except for the fact that now when I have a problem and send in a support ticket, someone actually helps me. And Squarespace has a good user manual. And the developer forums are actually helpful. And they have a pretty decent stats tracker. And I can filter IPs to keep the jerks out. And Squarespace? It has an iPhone app. Sigh.

Stinky Blogger did not pay attention to any of my needs for years, and I do have needs, you know, so it feels truly fantastic to be operating some of my internet tentacles from a platform that I can embrace.

So, after years of feeling ignored and unsupported, you can see that I'm pretty twitterpated at the moment.

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