Spring, Show Thyself!

I think I'm cocooning a bit. I do go out. See? I even hung out with this cool chick the other day, although she is not normally this shade of cadaver:


I'm just a little frayed, I have a few loose ends waving around, each with their own little white flag, and so if I seem a bit socially withdrawn, this is why.

I was being a bit hard on myself over the last few weeks, but it occurred to me last night that I should really stop doing that. I've decided that my default position until Spring honestly and truly kicks in is that I am pretty close to the epitome of awesome and that even those who are pretty close to the epitome of awesome need some down time now and again.

It is still going to take a while before stuff starts growing around here in Saskatchewan, so why don't you tell me about the weather, plants, and other spring-like wonders around your part of the world? I'm kind of hungry for some warmer weather.

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