The Last 12 Months At In Links And Pictures: Let's Hope 2010 Doesn't Let The Door Hit Its Ass On The Way Out

This, my friends, is my end-of-the-year wrap-up, in which I collect my favourite entry and photograph from each month in 2010.

You over there? Rolling your eyes? I SAW THAT.

This is more for me than me than you, anyway. It's my version of scrapbooking in weblog form. You'll love it. Unless you don't. Which doesn't matter anyway, because this is for me.



In January, I asked people on Twitter to tell me their worst jokes: And Best Bad Joke On Twitter Goes To...

shinny 3

In February, I was Looking For My Huge, Freaking Sword Of Awesomeness.

the mall boxer

In March, I found myself to be quite entertaining: I'm So Freaking Funny :-d.

this booger's for you

In April, the reality of ageing hit far too close to home: Sometimes, Holding On To Your Dreams Isn't All It's Cracked Up to Be.

Jason Collett, Zeus, and the Bahamas

In May, I got extremely personal about sex and gender with S/he: In The Beginning.

Starcat is getting sick of this

In June, I realized that I had been Refined By The Fire.

man and wife (Hipstamatic Contest Entry)

In July, I told you about The Blues Hobo.

Palinode at the Wa-Sun

In August, I explained how my Drunkenness Is Temporary Suicide.

she looked at me

In September, I told you how Bees Scare The Crap Out Of Me and embarrass me in public.

Aidan eating soup at Tangerine

In October, I brought up the sad story of Ramón Found and Lost.

Redneck Mommy during Scott Stratten's BlissDom Canada keynote

In November, I shared how The Pain of Living Breaks My Heart.

Ontario has huge fall leaves

In December, I took part in a meme with Reverb 10, Day 3: Moment.

writing about the food at GS European Deli


Is there a weblog entry that you wrote this year that you're fond of? Share it in the comments! That way I can use the comments on this entry like my own personal weblog magazine while I laze around in bed on New Year's Day and drink coffee and yell at the cats to stop screwing around all over everything.

Five Star Friday's 132nd Edition Is Brought to You By Patti Smith

I Shook My iPhone, And This Fell Out