We Are Ninjamatics, And I Am Pleased To Make Your Acquaintance

Christmas aside, December has been an insanely busy month for me. I have been taking part in a daily blogging meme with Reverb 10, working part time selling shoes, working on a design contract, writing for Aiming Low, and imagining/designing/coding/massaging the Palinode's and my new baby, Ninjamatics.

Ninjamatics entry page

Let me say that again:


Over the last week I have designed the Ninjamatics front page, two weblog templates, several buttons, and four mastheads. I have written copy and migrated the Canadian Weblog Awards over to the Ninjamatics site. We have enacted a thousand small decisions, are looking forward to making a thousand more, and I am beaming, if a little blurry-eyed. We have needed a space to proclaim our skills and general awesomeness for a long time, and we are so thrilled to see it taking shape.

Ninjamatics brings along with it another a large move for me specifically. I have been edging myself out of the anonymity closet for a couple of years now, and I technically surrendered any expectation of anonymity I once had about a year ago by associating my real name with Schmutzie.com if not directly on this website. Ninjamatics is the last and final nail in my anonymity's coffin, because I took the bold leap and am not Schmutzie there. I am Elan Morgan (my first name is pronounced ee-LAN). I'm still Schmutzie, and I actually prefer the moniker, but my legal name is now out and proud over at Ninjamatics, and it feels really good to slough off any sense of hiding that I once carried with me like a security blanket.

One of the weird side effects of coming out with my real name is that I finally confirmed my married relationship status with the Palinode on Facebook. I always kept that secret, because he is on Facebook under his real name, and I was busy distancing myself from mine. Now we get to declare our marriage publicly and without shame nine-and-a-half years after the fact.

Social media can make people do weird things, and it's kind of nice to undo them.

So, hello! Let me introduce myself. My legal is Elan Morgan (but please do still call me Schmutzie), I am married to Aidan Morgan (it's all official on Facebook now), and we blog, write, design, socialize media-wise, and declare awesomeness in Canadian blogging when we're not blogging around the internet and at our respective websites here at Schmutzie.com and at In Palinode's Palace.

Feel free to come hang out with Ninjamatics on Twitter and on Facebook, too.

Pleased to make your aquaintance!


PS. Baby, It's Cold Outside in December in Saskatchewan.

Baby, It's Cold Outside

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