Reverb 10, Day 25: Photo – A Present To Yourself

Over the month of December, I am taking part in Reverb 10, and the daily prompt for today from Tracey Clark is this:
Photo - a present to yourself.
Sift through all the photos of you from the past year. Choose one that best captures you; either who you are, or who you strive to be. Find the shot of you that is worth a thousand words. Share the image, who shot it, where, and what it best reveals about you.
I shot this image in response to a text message I received from the Palinode when he was out at a dinner party eating cannoli while I worked overtime at home.

sobriety with humour

It reveals my humour, my willingness to go the extra mile when it comes to communicating through social media, and my middle finger, which is quite lovely at this time of year.

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