25 Things For Which I Am Thankful, In Belated Honour Of American Thanksgiving

In belated honour of American Thanksgiving, and because I've been feeling less than grateful because of the cold weather coupled with having a beast of a cold that is sucking my will to pursue what brief time I have left on this earth, here is a list of twenty-five things for which this Canadian really is truly thankful:
  1. The Palinode

  2. How, when the temperature turns really frigid, the snow sounds like styrofoam under foot

  3. Referring to knitted boots as "foot mittens"

  4. Long, hot soaks in a deep bathtub after years of living in apartments with smaller than average bathtubs

  5. feet in the bath

  6. iPhone photography

  7. You, probably

  8. The incredible level of support, encouragement, and commitment I have found in the Canadian blogging community throughout this first year of the Canadian Weblog Awards

  9. And, on that note, I wouldn't be anywhere without the people who populate Grace in Small Things

  10. Falling into the world of a good book

  11. The steam that rises from my cup of coffee in the grey morning light

  12. The anticipation of owning these Dansko boots

  13. Fat, homemade socks

  14. Lycra

  15. Cuddly cats

  16. my working conditions

  17. Canadian health care, which has seen the Palinode and I through more health crises than we could otherwise afford

  18. My relative health

  19. That, even though there are people who abandon bunnies in trash bins, there are people who save them

  20. Sleeved blankets, and I don't care who knows it

  21. Smiles from strangers

  22. Sobriety

  23. My mother's cream cheese mashed potatoes

  24. Surprise packages in the mail

  25. The Body Shop's Hemp Hand Protector, which smells like hippies and fixes my dry hands

  26. The feeling of ideas percolating in the back of my brain just before they break through to the surface

  27. That my biggest worry today is how to pack exceedingly fluffy presents for a trip to an early family Christmas

What's on your list?

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