This Is My Obligatory Whining-About-The-Recent-Re-Introduction-Of-Winter Entry

Oh, hi. Hello there.

I just thought I'd crawl out from under this rock/out of this hole/down off this ledge to tell you that winter is officially really and truly here in all its glory, blowing enough snow all over the goddamned place to eclipse the weak winter sun.

<sarcasm>I. LOVE. IT.</sarcasm>

winter parking lot
taken with the iPhone 4 Plastic Bullet app

I'm taking my seasonal round of St. John's Wort to stave off the serious end of depression, I've hauled my monstrous faux-fur coat out of the closet to stave off the cold, and I keep repeating It's all good, it's all good, but part of me is rocking back and forth internally like the mentally disturbed. Even our cat Lula has taken to spending most of her days huddled up next to the radiator in the bathroom, wrapping her tail around her tiny feet to keep them warm.

On the bright side, we've only got five more months of this, which means that I will sell many pairs of winter boots at work, which means that I will make decent commission.*

Some days, this weather feels like a noose. On days like today, it is a noose that will earn me more money.

I'm sad! I will have more money! To spend on Christmas! Which I hate!

My cat looks pathetic:

Lula clinging to the heat
taken with the iPhone 4 Plastic Bullet app

The End.


* I've mentioned the fact that I'm a part-time shoe salesperson before, but I don't think I mentioned that I am a commission shoe salesperson. That I'm a commission shoe salesperson just seems silly on one level, because that's so very Al Bundy of me, but on another I really love selling shoes. Your comfort is my happiness!

If you run into a salesperson who obviously likes what they do, tell them how much you appreciate their help. We are often treated like poo.

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