Things I Love to Do That Fill Me With Joy and/or Grace

Chookooloonks urged us to "grab a pen and paper, and list everything you love to do that fills you with joy and/or grace", and so I have.
  1. Walking outside and I feeling my chest open up, like my body has just realized that it is not inside anything but free out in the air
  2. Smiling at strangers and seeing their faces unfurrow in response
  3. Drinking coffee in the morning sun
  4. Managing to take a portrait that catches a moment of truth in a person's face

  5. Ted
  6. Falling asleep while fresh sheets soften around me with my body heat
  7. Taking hot showers after getting really dirty
  8. Singing loudly in the middle of a forest
  9. Feel cool currents swirl in through warm water around my legs in a lake on a hot day
  10. Touching another's life well with my own
  11. Frying onions
  12. Finding sunflowers shooting straight up from between sections of sidewalk
  13. Writing a poem and discovering that any part of it, even one line, sits just right in my mind
  14. Watching how soft the Palinode looks in the early light while he sleeps
  15. Walking down back alleys rather than on the sidewalks in front of buildings
  16. Rolling something soft and delicious around on my tongue for a while before swallowing it
  17. Moving into a new place and setting everything in place right where I want it, clean and organized
  18. Eating a good meal that I made with my own hands
  19. Crocheting a doll and watching its personality unfold
  20. Travelling to new places, be they undiscovered spots in my own city or abroad
  21. Rediscovering old friendships that I had thought were lost
  22. Pursuing personal revolution
  23. Listening to the wild stories strangers tell me
  24. Taking mid-afternoon naps with my cats
  25. Measuring my success by my own satisfaction rather than some form of quantifiable popularity
  26. Making lists that don't require me to fulfill tedious tasks

What fills you with joy and/or grace?

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