Fake Style Tips and BlissDom Canada

Look what I made for Fake Style Tips!

Fake Style Tips

Through Sweet Blog Design, I created the masthead and Dawn, our code artist, created the rest. If you have design needs, check us out! We do off-menu stuff, too, so feel free to shoot us an e-mail to see what we're up for.

And, in other news, the Palinode and I are flying to Toronto today to attend the BlissDom Canada conference. I will be speaking on a panel with Her Bad Mother, Sweetsalty Kate, Redneck Mommy, and Jen Reynolds of Canadian Family about how to be content creating ninjas, and the Palinode will be speaking on another panel with a more of a beginner's bent about how to create good content and promote it. Our panels are at the same time, so I'm kind of hoping that there will be video of the panels so I can watch his after the conference.

I'm not much of a squee-er, but I really feel very squee-ish about this conference, because it will be my first non-BlogHer conference that I've attended and spoken at, and it's Canadian!

Okay, there was a bit of squee in that exclamation mark.

I am ridiculously excited to meet such a solid group of Canadian bloggers and to have the opportunity to speak on a subject about which I am so passionate, so send good thoughts for our travels and our ability to share well of ourselves. I'd hate to get there only to lose my words on stage and stand there with my mouth hanging open. I did that once in high school, and it was less fun than you can even imagine.


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