I had a conversation yesterday with a woman who mentioned that she was stressed about her work. When I asked why, she said that a junior employee had just quit after she had "disciplined" her, and now she had a position to fill.

Hearing the word "discipline" in terms of employer/employee relations always gives my gut a sickly twist.

In many work environments, it seems to be acceptable to view the employer/employee relationship as one not unlike that of a parent and child where an imperfect employee is treated to the never-lovely discipline of a stern parent. It is both demeaning and disheartening to the employee. Discipline is for children.

In a work environment populated by adults working together toward a common goal, better ways to reach that goal together should definitely be a part of the community discourse. Discipline, though? That is for puppies who pee on the rug.

Surprise! Shinny!

Five Star Friday's Edition #86