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Winter Morning Snow

The Palinode kissed me awake this morning.

"Hah? Wah?" I said while I jammed my fists into my eyes, because I wake up all sexy like that.

"I'm going to work. You should see it outside. It's snowing a lot and there's almost no wind."

I don't know why that triggered me this morning, but it did. He was barely out the door by the time I had thrown on some clothes, a coat and scarf, and a pair of clogs sans socks. I wanted to catch the way early morning light in Saskatchewan during a still morning snow turns the whole world into shades of pink and purple candy floss.

morning snow and a stranger's car

It was still too dark when I ran out into the street in front of this stranger's car, so, instead of capturing candy floss, I was nearly run over. I was also flashed a very dramatically waved middle finger.

morning snow on the sidewalk

Within minutes, the light started to rise, and I snapped away, feeling inspired by the beauty of a city still half-asleep, not taking into account that, having only opened my eyes a scant five minutes before, I was still half-asleep, too.

Focus? I apparently don't need no stinking focus.

morning snow in the street

As well as being sockless in clogs in this weather, I also did not take the time to put on mittens, so my fingers froze to the point where I ended up dropping my lens cap into a pile of snow because I couldn't feel it anymore.

The plus side to the cold was that my fingers were too numb to feel how cold the snow was when I dug the lens cap out.

Don't buy that load of hooey in that previous sentence.

morning snow in the alley

I like looking at winter. I just don't like to touch it. It's painful waiting for your fingers to slowly thaw out after wandering around half-asleep before the sun is up.

Good morning!

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