Inside Schmutzie And Outside Schmutzie Hang Out On An Evening In January

snowy night

Outside Schmutzie: It's still snowy out there.

Inside Schmutzie: Are we really going to talk about the weather?

Outside Schmutzie: I'm not talking about the weather. I'm talking about how we can't go anywhere, because it's still too snowy out there.

Inside Schmutzie: Where would we go anyway?

Outside Schmutzie: I don't know. Somewhere. Anywhere. Some place with people in it so that we wouldn't have to think so much.

Inside Schmutzie: Oh, that. Yeah. We're kind of depressed, huh?

Outside Schmutzie: Kind of? We're writing here, enjoying our Grace in Small Things social network, building the Canadian Weblog Awards, writing at MamaPop, hosting Five Star Friday every week, and waiting for another website we've started writing for to go live in February, but it still feels like nothing's happening.

Inside Schmutzie: You're depressing me.

Outside Schmutzie: You were already depressed.

Inside Schmutzie: Right. You know what makes this even more depressing?

Outside Schmutzie: What?

Inside Schmutzie: That this is the thirty-fifth year in a row that we've felt like this in January.

Outside Schmutzie: We're screwed until March, aren't we?

Inside Schmutzie: If we're lucky. It could be 'til April or May.

Outside Schmutzie: It's crap like this that makes it hard to stay quit smoking. Want to call that dial-a-beer place?

Inside Schmutzie: Are you serious?

Outside Schmutzie: Only half serious, but it's seriously my bigger half.

Inside Schmutzie: Just make sure you sober up in time for spring.

Outside Schmutzie: Oh, ha ha. You're a riot, you know that?

Inside Schmutzie: Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all night.


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