2010 Canadian Weblog Awards Exclusive Nominee Interview with Marc Vandersluys of The Eagle & Child

"2010 CWA Exclusive Nominee Interview with Marc Vandersluys of The Eagle & Child":

If you were to impart some knowledge to on an aspiring blogger, what would you tell them?

Don't edit yourself once you begin to know who your audience is: family, friends, other bloggers. It is easy to think, "What will So and So think of this? How will they respond?" Try to avoid worrying about what your audience will think. Unless you're writing nasty things about people you know and they start reading you. Then you should edit yourself. But you probably shouldn't have been writing that stuff in the first place.

Write with your own voice. That's the one kind of editing (other than spelling and grammar) that I would suggest. If you find yourself "creating" a voice or saying something that you don't think is you (e.g. for effect), take that part out. Unless you're writing fiction. I think. But I don't know anything about writing fiction.

Write every day. I don't follow my own advice on this one, but I wish I did and had done so from the start.

Also: exclamation marks are solitary creatures. Do not put them together with their own kind.

And finally: write in paragraphs.

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