Surprise! Rainbow Toe Socks!

Do you know what's fabulous?

Completely forgetting about your post office box for over a month-and-a-half and then finally remembering it again upon receiving an e-mail from POG telling you that you have mail and a small package to pick up. It's all Surprise! You get stuff!

Do you know what's even more fabulous?

Surprise! In that small package are a pair of rainbow toe socks from Kylene of Inking My Thinking!

toe socks from Kylene of

When I was in grade four, there was this girl named Deanna, and I thought she was so cool. We all had squeaky, three-dollar plastic recorders, but she had a real wooden one in a velvet-lined case. My roller skates were made of thin leatherette, but her rollerskates were made of real leather and had red piping along the seams. All the girls wore little tennis socks with pom-poms at the ankle, but she wore rainbow toe socks. RAIN. BOW. TOE. SOCKS.

I coveted those rainbow toe socks. I daydreamed elaborate thievery schemes. I tried to explain them to my mother, who refused to believe that I really needed foot gloves. I became embarrassingly creepy about my desire for these socks and snuck into the changing room during Physical Education one afternoon so that I could fondle Deanna's socks through the slats in her plastic basket locker. They felt fine and soft compared to my greying tennis socks with their ratty pom-poms.

Come to think of it, my love for those rainbow toe socks was a little demented.

toe socks from Kylene of

Twenty-nine years later, Kylene has fulfilled my eight-year-old self's fondest wish, and the rainbow toe socks are finally mine. Thank you, Kylene! If I still had my sticker collection, I would totally give you my favourite puffy sticker that smelled like bananas.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Rainbow toe socks 4ever! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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