Surprise! Shinny!

I was walking home from work just a short while ago and found that a street spanning the width of downtown had been closed down for what looked like a shinny tournament for the munchkin set.

shinny 1

They ran around in thunking boots screaming and swinging hockey sticks while their parents stood curbside and shivered under blankets. I could hear coaches yelling at the younger players to remember to cover someone.

shinny 2

I wanted to take a picture of the row of hockey moms with window seats in the coffee shop so that I could show you the true spirit of toque hair, but my picture-taking was raising suspicion.

shinny 3

I decided to pretend to be one of the moms and yelled "Hurry!", but then I realized that that is for curling. Me and hockey have never been very close.

Also, I didn't make a very convincing hockey mom when I knocked that kid over on the sidewalk. Oops.


The above photos were taken with my iPhone using ShakeItPhoto, and then they were run through the Magazine setting in CameraBag.