Meet These Blue Striped Handwarmers I Made While I Was Trying Not To Die

Marcello the quasi-mouse isn't the only thing that I created over the weekend. It's amazing what coupling an exhausting chest cold with nicotine withdrawal will do. I can't leave the house without hacking up lung butter! I want to smoke so badly that I want to chew my own fingers off! I guess I'll tie strings into knots for eighteen hours!

Meet the delightful set of blue striped handwarmers I birthed from my fevered withdrawal:

blue striped handwarmers

I made these handwarmers with Luxury Collection 100% fine merino superwash wool.

blue striped handwarmers

Don't let the word "wool" scare you, though, because this merino wool is soft like cotton and does not scratch like some other wools.

blue striped handwarmers

One of the things I love about this particular wool is that it is so easy to care for. Simply machine wash and lay them flat to dry. No bothersome handwashing is necessary.

blue striped handwarmers

I added some rough stitching down the inside of each handwarmer to add a slightly deconstructed look to them.

If you'd like to own this pair, I've put these puppies up on my Etsy shop.

UPDATE: Aaaaaand they're sold!

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