The Snugglepuss from EdenFantasys

Before I get rolling with this review, I must issue a warning for those of you who mistook the title to mean that I might be reviewing a Snuggie or or that I was going to write something cute about your childhood friend and mine, Snagglepuss.

This is not about SnAgglepuss with an A. THIS IS A SEX TOY REVIEW about the SnUgglepuss with a U. Turn back now if you don't want to read about things that end up being directly related to my nethers.

To those of you who are still here, hello! I've decided to branch out into the world of sex toy reviews, and I received my first toy for review a couple of weeks ago. You'd think I would have hopped on it pretty quick, pun intended, but I did not. First, I ended up contracting something very much like pneumonia, which may have actually been pneumonia had I gone to the doctor for a diagnosis, that had me sleeping 12 hours a day and wishing I was sleeping for the other 12 hours. The idea of getting down with my bad self just seemed so very much like work when getting a glass of water made my muscles ache. As soon as I regained full consciousness, though, I did my civil duty to all those women out there who need to know specifics about the Snugglepuss , because knowledge is power. At least, in this case, it is if you are in line to purchase a new sex toy.

I chose the Snugglepuss from EdenFantasys' extensive collection of vibrators, because it looked interesting. I am most used to the usual penis-shaped variety, and so the Snugglepuss jumped off the screen at me. I had never played with a toy of its shape before, and it looked like a nice alternative to the old in-out. Other points in its favour were that it has the highest material safety rating and is also rated as one of the top 100 G-spot vibrators. Excellent, I thought. It is safe, effective, and curiously shaped. This should be fun!

The Snugglepuss is a made of soft, pink silicone covered in nubs with both an internal G-spot end and an external clitoral end, the latter of which is outfitted with fins that butterfly out on either side to stimulate your labia. I was excited to dive right in, but it turned out that this toy needs a little patient work before it can be used. It is run by three watch batteries stored in the clitoral end, and it took some patience and time to roll back the silicone sleeve, remove the battery protection sticker, and then roll the silicone sleeve back into place. Once that's done, though, your Snugglepuss is ready to rumble.

Did I neglect to mention its other very promising feature? The Snugglepuss is PRESSURE-ACTIVATED and HANDS-FREE, which means that when pressure is applied to press the two ends away from each other, the vibrator is set into action. The switch to activate vibration is in the U-joint. This is the sort of feature I'd like to see more often in vibrators. It just seems so much more intuitive and organic than manually operated dials or buttons.

My first go with the Snugglepuss was a disappointment, though. It was not a joy to insert. Lubricant helped, but the nubs were an irritant when I tried to slide the toy into place, and then once it was in place, the toy felt more wedged in than naturally positioned. The other issue I had is that no matter how far I moved the Snugglepuss forward or back, I could not get the clitoral end to sit properly over my clitoris. Also, and I don't know if this is due to my particular anatomical makeup or what, but as soon as the toy was inserted, its fit with my body meant that it was pushed open enough to vibrate, which meant that it was always vibrating. I was hoping to have a little more control over that by actively applying the pressure myself while using the toy. I really did enjoy the feel of the fins on my labia, though, and the Snugglepuss is a very quiet ride, which is a definite bonus. I've always found it difficult to keep my mind on task when it sounds like I'm using a set of electric eggbeaters.

I chalked up my first go with the Snugglepuss to being at the bottom end of what would hopefully be an enjoyable learning curve. It threw down the gauntlet with all its pink softness and nubbiness and and kinky little labial fins, and I wanted what it was offering.

My second go with the Snugglepuss was much the same, though, so I took my problem to the internet, which told me to apply more lube. I applied extra lube, but I still had pretty much the same experience. I am nothing if not persistent, though, so I invited the Palinode along for my third Snugglepuss session. The third time's a charm, right?

No, the third time was not a charm. Even with the Palinode playing along, the Snugglepuss' design flaws were just too glaring for me to get off. It's nubs were irritating going in, the clitoral end did not sit properly on top of my clitoris even when I held it down with my hand, the batteries started giving out after only a few uses, and it had one setting, ON, which I would not have minded had I been able to control whether it was on or not. It seems to me that this product could stand for a bit of redesign, because it is a promising little gadget with all the features I want — high safety rating, soft and pliable silicone, G-spot/clitoral/labial stimulation, and a gentler vibration that gives me enough time for play before getting off — but the features were just situated in the wrong places. It did inspire the Palinode and I, though, so I'll give it a thumbs up for the warm up. I like its vibe if not the sum of its parts.

If you are new or newer to sex toys, I would suggest that you find something that requires a little less work on your part to enjoy. I may not have had the most fun with the Snugglepuss, but EdenFantasys has an incredible collection of women's sex toys in a wide range of prices to fit any budget and inclination, and when I say that they have a wide range, I mean they have hundreds. You would be hard pressed not to find something you like. Also, check out their fall sale, and if you're feeling creative, cross "naming a sex toy" off your bucket list and help Duncan Charles Designs name one of their new products.

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