I Made A New Masthead for Ladylooland.com

Ladyloo asked me if I would design a masthead for her weblog eons ago, and due to many technological snafus that quickly followed, she had to remind that she had asked for gophers and polka dots a while back. You gots to love the technology sometimes.

I sat back for a while and thought gophers... polka dots... gophers... polka dots... gophers... polka dots... gophers... polka dots..., and then I passed out from what I can only assume were the dizzying effects of an LSD flashback. When I came to, that above masthead is what was on my computer screen.

Who knew that gophers and polka dots could get along like chocolate and peanut butter? Ladyloo did.

So, go check her website out and say hello. She rarely bites.

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