Five Star Friday's Edition #65

Rule one of reading other people's stories is that whenever you say 'well that's not convincing' the author tells you that's the bit that wasn't made up. This is because real life is under no obligation to be convincing.

   — Neil Gaiman

Happy weekend reading!

And don't forget to pimp out your own writing in the comments. We like show-offs here.

"The Middle of the Moon" from Honea Express

"MLMcW" from LaurieWrites

"And I'm a Little Bit Angry" by Mommy Melee at Aiming Low

"An Email from 1941" from Mommy Melee

"If My Mother Tells Me to Stop Playing With My Latte, Does That Mean I Have to Make a Commitment?" from Whiskey in My Sippy Cup

"Burglar Alarm" from Gypsyhick

"I Am a Rock Under the Stars" from Sarcastic Mom

"My Mother, The 'F-ing B'" from Failure Junkie

"Four" from Is It 5 O'Clock Yet?

"Go Girl No Girl" from Miss Grace's Disgrace

"Regrets" from Overflowing Brain

"If You'll Please Excuse Me While I Take Care of This Corpse" from AmyMusings

"Ohmommy Made Me Do It" from Nap Warden

"New rule: Wear Pants" from Sarah Bellum's Tales of Wit and Charm

"Sincerely, John Hughes" from We'll Know When We Get There

"The Cactus and the Boy (Part One)" from Lemoncraft

"You Win This Round, Neighborhood Watch Program" from The Bloggess

"How to Find a Sponsor for BlogHer 2010 (Or Anything Else)" from A Very Good Year

Trigger Warning — the following story is about sexual assault:
"Nic" from Violence Unsilenced

"Mission: Money Card" from Secret Agent L

"And, Sadly, I Don't Think Cowbell Will Cure It" from dashoff

"Karma" from

"Doljanchi" from Poor Penmanship

"Passing the Bed" from The Extraordinary Ordinary

"My Snatch Got Stuck" from Mrs. Flinger

"It's a Mad Mad World" from LocationLaura

"Highway Robbery" from Redneck Diva

"How It Goes" from All & Sundry

"Always" from Loralee's Looney Tunes

"On a Very Special Episode of Sesame Street..." from Baby on Bored

"For a Minute, I Was the Universe's Tuning Fork" from Praying to Darwin

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