The Cold, Against Which I Must Rail

my clothes in AUGUST!

That photograph is odd. I can see that now.

Originally, I was trying to show you how many freaking clothes I had to put on today, because it is freezing cold in my apartment despite the fact that it is August — AUGUST! — and I wanted a picture that was wider than it was tall, so I lay down to take the picture. It's really hard to take a headless self-portrait of oneself lying down when the mirror you have is too dirty and you are too lazy to clean the thing, so I ended up doing what is usually a vanity type shot, you know the top-down ones everyone uses on their avatars, but it turns out that that only really works if your head is in the shot and you are not on your back with your head against a dresser. So, you get that shot with my boobs looking all uneven in the foreground and our messy office in the background.

You're welcome.

My point is that it is cold enough in my apartment to warrant full pants, socks, a t-shirt, a thick cardigan, and a scarf. It may look jaunty, but it's a SCARF in AUGUST, and we don't have any bourbon in the house to dull this fact.

sad at the cold

How can it only be 15.7°C (60.3°F) outside in August?

So, rather than continue freezing alone and mooning about all melancholic at my window, I'm going to do the next best thing. I'm heading out to a patisserie with Saviabella and Typicalquirk, and maybe I can convince them to do some second-hand shopping along the way. My grandpa cardigan quotient is far too low for the ebbing rebirth of grunge.

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