Snapshots Of A Saturday Afternoon

Honey Brown did not know that she was being featured on a popular greeting card being sold at the Regina Folk Festival. Said popular greeting card was pretty funny, but can I tell you what it said inside? No. I just lead you down this path to be irritating.

Sharon discovered her face on a greeting card

Starcat (pictured below) and Batty (not pictured below, because my camera did weird things to his face) came down from Saskatoon to go to the festival.

Did you notice how I called Saskatoon by its real name and not my usual Cosmopolis? I am one brave Schmutzie, I am.


The Palinode looks so handsome with a camera in his hands.


I love it when I unintentionally manage to catch before and after photos. Here is R reading the newspaper:

Rod scowling at the paper

And here is R yelling at me to stop taking pictures of him reading the newspaper:

Rod yelling at me to stop taking pictures

Those pictures were worth the ire.

When I took the following picture, I was concentrating on her tattoos, I swear, but she said "You're staring at my breasts, aren't you", and I said "I really wasn't", but she said that that was where my camera lens was pointing and that it was kind of impossible that I wasn't staring at her breasts, which I had to agree with to a point, but I wasn't concentrating on them exactly. I was really looking at her tattoos. I swear.


And, lastly, here's That Girl, looking somewhat dubious. It's one of her best expressions.

Shanan thinking "yeahhh, right"

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