Five Star Friday's Edition #61

Next to doing things that deserve to be written, nothing gets a man more credit, or gives him more pleasure than to write things that deserve to be read.

   — Lord Chesterfield

In case you are new to Five Star Friday, this is a reader-guided weekly roundup of some of the weblog world's best writing. The list below contains submissions sent in by readers who had the the wherewithall to try to spread a little more attention toward their favourite writers, and by some accounts, it works. Also, I get to have some pretty kick ass writing served to me every week. It's win-win, no matter how you look at it.

So, I now hand over the task of dropping your work, because it's Friday, dammit, sitting back, and reading away a couple of hours. It's a task you can all handle, I assure you.

"These Teeth Were Made for Kicking" from Jerk Ethic

"On a Hot Day When I See Bicycles" from

"Caged" from Peace, Love and Flowers

"Wisdom Within Cartoons" from A Falling Tree

"I Love My Dead Gay Dog" from Tied Up With a Black Velvet Band

"Long Days" from Isa, Leukemia, Life

"The Greatest American Worker of My Time Was a Black Boy from Gary Who Performed in White Face" from Cold Drank

"Where Even the Shopping Carts Aren't Free" from Diapers and Dragons

"Summer" from Barefoot Foodie

"We Are Clean" from Forever Younger

"America Has Taught Him Well" from Classy Chaos

"Apron Strings" from Leahpeah

"Why Denver and I Broke Up" from Learn to Duck

"They're Getting Too Big to Cuddle, Or Jamie Foxx Can Kiss My Grits" from Whiskey In My Sippy Cup

"Rescue Wednesday" from Mouchois

"Chomp" from Life... As We Know It.

"I Wash Myself With a Rag on a Stick So You Don't Have To" from I Do Things So You Don't Have To

"Things I've Learned About Blogging" from Scribbit

"Just Like a Woman" from

"Let Me Tell You How This Works" from It's Like, I'm... Mmmagic!

"Deodorant Wars IV: The New Class" from Amalah

"Proudly Served Without Giving Handjobs, Blowjobs or Getting It Up the Butt" from Kevin Charnas

And two submissions came in for Sweetney:

Please come back and share good writing with us over the coming week to be featured on the next Five Star Friday. If you have read a really good piece on someone else's weblog, submit it by Thursday at midnight CST to have it featured on Five Star Friday.

And because you are a fan of finding good new writing on the internet:

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