Little Waves, A Bigger Wave, And Some Critters

On the weekend, I sneaked out of the cabin while everyone was taking naps after spending the night in their cups. I pushed my way through some trees and tall grass until I found myself on a narrow strip of beach.

small waves 2

Small waves lapped the shore. I lay on my belly across some damp moss, watching the waves rush up the sand to my nose.

small waves 5

And then, WHAMO! At least that's the best onomatopoeic equivalent to what ran through my brain when a wave of unexpected size nearly doused my camera lens. Thankfully, it didn't.

small waves 4

Also, when you lie down on moss between tall grass and a lake, you will find beetles and other critters for hours afterwards crawling in your hair, out of your pockets, and stuck to your nipple underneath your bra.

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