Meet Louella

Before, I created Ralphie the Dead Kitty, Joey, Polly Esther Fuzzybottom, Edwina, and Wozzle. Now, I bring you Louella!

Louella 1

She is made of awesome.

Whenever I start making one of these dolls, I have no idea how it's going to turn out. Ralphie the Dead Kitty was originally supposed to be a bunny. Actually, so was Polly Esther. And Wozzle.

Wait. I never noticed this before, but maybe this is really a quest for the elusive bunny rabbit.

Louella 3

Louella was never intended to be a bunny. She started off as an egg. And then she almost got some wings to become a bird. She's a bit of a devil child, though, so she asserted her Louellaness, demanding a kicky pair of mary janes, a babydoll dress, and fat braids.

Louella 4

Louella dreams of being a pirate Pippi Longstocking, sailing the rivers of Vietnam on a houseboat built for one plus a pussycat, fighting tigers with her dread machete. Originally, she gave the rivers of Wisconsin some consideration, but she decided on Vietnam because it probably has much nicer winters.

Louella 5

I think I need to learn how to crochet a dread machete.

Louella 6

Raise your fist in the air for Louella!

UPDATE: Alas, Louella has already sold. I've got another one brewing in my head, though, so all is not lost.

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