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Making Out With Black Francis

That Girl, the Palinode, and I went to see Black Francis, aka Frank Black, aka Charles Michael Kittridge Thompson IV, front man for the Pixies, and a fantastic performer who inspired me to want to reach out and touch his shoes in a freaky caress that would have made the Beatles blush, but I digress. I SAW BLACK FRANCIS LAST NIGHT, AND NOW I AM A VERY HAPPY PERSON.

My inner twenty-year-old

Frank Black 1


Frank Black 4

and sang along

Frank Black 5

to almost every damn song

Frank Black 7

when I wasn't secretly salivating

Frank Black 9

behind my camera,

Frank Black 12

and I remembered

Frank Black 13

that good music

Frank Black 14

can put the shine back on the world.

Frank Black in a flash

Thank you, Black Francis.

The End.

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