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Don't Let Me Breathe On You

I woke up this morning wracked with pain. Every square inch of me ached. THE ROOF OF MY MOUTH ACHED.


Holy crap. Two hours has passed since I wrote those first three sentences. The ibuprofen must have kicked in, and with the one thing that was between me and sleep out of the way, I must have passed out. At least that's what the drool puddle on my shoulder seems to indicate.

I have a cold. Or maybe it's the flu. For about three hours yesterday, I was convinced that I had leukemia. There was a brief moment when I first woke this morning during which I thought Oskar, cat number one, was trying to transmit thoughts into my brain, but then he sneezed all over my face twice in succession, and I realized that his concentrated stare was really just his sneeze face. We look like twins.


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