I was in the middle of a forest for most of the weekend so that I could attend Abigail and Smyrish's wedding.

I would really like to tell you about it, but I dumped water on my Macbook, so I am waiting for it to dry out and have my fingers crossed that it will regain functionality. Then I tried using the Palinode's laptop, only it refused to recognize my camera for more than a couple of minutes at a time and then got stuck in this limbo between powering down and restarting. My old netbook held out some promise, but it refused to recognize my camera at all.

Technology and I are on the outs tonight, and I had better step away from all of it before I do more than pour water on the whole freaking lot of it.

The following is one of only five pictures I managed to upload from the weekend so far. I took it through a dirty car window while going 110 kilometers an hour:


Tonight, I like imagining that I am tossing all my gadgetry out onto the highway.

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