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Child of My Dreams

It is only a few months after we had the twins. We are driving down the freeway, to where I don't remember. Somehow the conversation has turned to the fact that we have only sons.

"Well, you know, honey," I say to him, "We could always still adopt a girl."

"No. No we couldn't," is his instant reply. Four children is enough. We are happy with all boys.

I remember my heart breaking a little.

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The above featured weblog entry was originally written and published by Insta-Mom on her weblog. "I am cynical, opinionated, and moody. I am a self-proclaimed iced tea addict, and I love all things peppermint. I use ellipses entirely too often. I live with my four sons--Aaron (9), Noah (4), and Palmer and Vaughn (1)--and J.R., the guy they get their good looks from. If you don't mind dust and dog hair, come on in."

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