Five Star Friday's Edition #58

Please write again soon. Though my own life is filled with activity, letters encourage momentary escape into others lives and I come back to my own with greater contentment.

— Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey

Stop. Working. Right. Now. Grab a coffee. It is incumbent upon you to peruse Five Star Friday right now. Your boss/kids/whathaveyou will understand.

"Panopticon" from Sweetney

"Marketing Buzz" from Satire Is Reason

"Bad Habit Are Like Zombies" from Canned Laughter

"Don't Be Such a Boob" from ...And Sometimes Why

"All Aboard the Train to Bonerville..." from Out-Numbered

"Second Floor" from Daysgoby

"Kendra Wilkinson Wants to Know If You've Noticed Her Rack Yet" by the Palinode at MamaPop

"On Meeting [Seeing Myself in] a Man" from Amanda Koster

"Mermaid, Baby Dolphin" from the~spirit~of~the~river

"A Fixed Point" from The Eleventh

"What Was, What Isn't" from All & Sundry

"'If They Know Us, They Don't Vote Against Us'" from Lesbian Dad

"Extra Postage" from Barefoot Foodie

"WIYV: The Musical" from The Wind in Your Vagina

"Seven" from Shakesville

"My Period Is Not a Natural Disaster, Thank You Very Much" by Carrie Wasterlain at The Frisky

"Row Upon Row of Chairs, And This Is the Row I Get" from Pixie Dust

"Picnic" from Frog and Toad Are Still Friends

And the Bloggess gets two this week:
"Everyone Is Beautiful"
"It's Kind of Like a World of Warcraft Quest Except Instead of Winning the Magical-Shield-of-Reckoning It Ends with Blow-J0bs and Unfettered Access to the Internet" from The Bloggess

Please come back and share good writing with us over the coming week to be featured on the next Five Star Friday. If you have read a really good piece on someone else's weblog, submit it by Thursday at midnight CST to have it featured on Five Star Friday.

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