BlogHer Of The Week? That Would Be Me.

I woke up to some incredibly flattering news this morning: I am this week's BlogHer of the Week!

I was nominated for my weblog entry "Like There's a Guy With a Knife on My Lawn", which Elisa said some crazy nice things about, and then she said something about my "searing insight", which I won't knock, because Elisa, Jory, and Lisa are some pretty keen ladies. Also, they're the BlogHer overlords. I kind of want to stay on their good sides.

If you'd like to spread this kind of joy to other bloggers, nominate a recent post, and check out the good company I'm in at the BlogHer of the Week archive.

This sort of public recognition made me want to celebrate, so I ran to the fridge to grab a beer, but then I realized that it was only 8:00 a.m., so I drank some cold coffee with leftover pizza instead. Don't judge me. I spent part of the weekend sucking beer through a penis straw and doing keg stands. There's only so much celebrating I can take while still maintaining two kidneys.


2009 BlogLuxe AwardsUPDATE: I also just noticed that I am up for a BlogLuxe Award in the Guilty Pleasure category. So, you could go vote for me in that if you feel so moved. And you could tweet about it. But you don't have to. No. Really. It's okay.

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